Feb 'til December 2012   NIAGARA ON THE EVE OF WAR  An exhibition at the Niagara Historical Museum.  This exhibition explores what Niagara-on-the-Lake looked like before war was declared.  www.niagarahistorical.museum

 NEW VIDEO of the October 2012 Reenactment on the 200th anniversary of the

Battle of Queenston Heights !


NEW- Interactive, Historic Map of Niagara in 1812 with detailed information lot by lot - see: www.niagaraeveofwar.ca


October 13 & 14 - The Battle of Queenston Heights 
 The battle reenactment at Queenston was a huge success thanks to hndreds of volunteers and nearly 1000 reenactors. On the 14th the somber funeral reenactment of General Brock in Niagara on the Lake will be a long remembered event.